Lorenzo Miguel Angel Rojas Lopez
Voor alle workshops of activiteiten kun je aanmelden via sylvia@qorikente.com of tel. 06-57978572 


Lorenzo Miguel is an shaman from Chili who is guided in the spiritual path by his father since his childhood. He learned him about different disciplines like crystal science, meditation, reiki ,tantra-yoga and Andean shamanism. He is working all his life with Crystals and started to carve the power objects and crystal skulls in the Andean traditions. His specialty is working with Crystal Skulls and Andean power objects. Since 21 years he is living and working in Peru and he is a guide for power places in Peru and Chili. At the moment he is working with his father at a Crystal temple in Chili. Their work is to teach about the  in the spiritual universal conscience and the big family. He is traveling through South America and Europe to bring his teachings.
I learned to know Miguel in December 2012 when I was in Cusco just before the great shift. We spend a lot of time together and visited Pisac where I had an very intensive transcendental experience with the feminine oneness conciseness. I learned to know him as a warm person living from out of his hart, working very intuitively and now he is willing to bring his teachings to Holland and Belgium. He will give two workshops. The first is "spiritual universal conscience through the world of inanimate objects" and the second is "Celebration for Pachamama".


•ZO 14 JUNI/ van 13.00- 17.00/Leende  Praktijk Qori K'ente, Schoolstraat 19/ 55 euro

In this workshop Miguel will teach you:
- how to work, share and use your power objects
- he will also speak about different topics in relation with healing practices, science  and crystals and crystal skulls
-Working with altars and mesa's
-Andean shamanism meditation
We will work with the power object to practice and experience and there is time for questions.  Miguel will also bring his power objects and crystal skulls with him.

•WOE 5 AUGUSTUS/ van 13.00 -17.00 uur/ Leende Qori K'ente, Schoolstraat 19 / 55 euro


This workshop will be in August because then the Andeans celebrate especially in this month the feminine energy of Pachamama.
We will visit an very ancient power place near to Leende where I have been many times with different shamans. We will do a meditation together to integrate the feminine energy  and a ceremony to honor her.
After when we are back in my house we will work with the altars and powerobjects and Andean music.


Healing sessions will be given in a package of four helingsession of 1,5 hours for the best results. These sessions will be at Schoolstraat 19, and your investment for all the packeage is 300,- euro.

The date's of the sessions are:
15th of June
6th of July
14th of July
29th of July

If you want to book just one session it is 95,- euros.

You can describe from 9.00 to 21.00 on these dates.

Crystal temple in Chili